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In the first post of, Kevin has called out about "Tranquil Psalms". It is said that, this group was established in August 2008. Running its fifth year, Tranquil Psalms keeps its search for any inspirational writing talents. So, what is Tranquil Psalms? Why did it established? Talk about 5W+1H(where,when,what,why,who,how).

So, what is Tranquil Psalms?
There are millions of group in Facebook, and Tranquil Psalms is just one of them.

... Okay, what does Tranquil Psalms share?
Tranquil Psalms provides writings for the members. It could be sharing, motivational dialogue, inspirational stories, fictional tales, and more. You may say that we are the writer, the reader, and the provider at the same time.

What genre does Tranquil Psalms expect to focus on?
Tranquil Psalms at its young age, focused on fictional yet inspirational story. Let's say "The Hidden Steps". It was the first continuous story posted in Tranquil Psalms. It is a story about a man who struggled in his heavy life pressure and decided to become a volunteer at war to find out his true devotion. The Hidden Steps got good respond and precedes the other stories.
Now, Tranquil Psalms focused on motivational stories and sharing. It has some fictional story too, like "Calamity", but it is not our focus. We want people to be blessed by the writings.

Yes. We can't deny that we are Christian/Catholic. There are some posts related to religion. We believed that religion is good despite what it is. In Tranquil Psalms, we proudly -and without any disrespect to others- introduce Christian/Catholic to the readers.

Does religion affect something in the group, like amount of the readers?
Yes. Compared to the reader, religion gives more impact to the writer. Well, you have to prepare your mind and basic about Christian or Catholic to write something so you will not mislead anyone. There was a heavy dialogue due to a controversial post. A debate between an amateur writer and Christian veteran. Some difference between Christian and Catholic will be the heaviest 'enemy' of Tranquil Psalms. How it combines Christian and Catholic(not its believes) so they won't be offending each other, but to support. We mean, Christian and Catholic are closer than the other religion. Why bother to have a greater argument? We appreciate each of its tradition and believe. We are here to support and share.

How does Tranquil Psalms face 'bad' member who like to debate about religious thing?
This is a great question. Reminding we that, we are Christian/Catholic group, but we are not as that fanatic to share our beliefs. We are pretty sure our wise member would tolerate any difference and they won't take any difference as a problem. Some 'too clever' people are inevitable, but why bother to keep them? Kick them out of the group. Of course, we need guidances from pros. We are very grateful that they are exists and there to correct any mistakes, but too much of good thing will kill you. The most important thing, just enjoy the writing and hold on to what you belief. As long as you feel peace, you are welcome to take the positive values contained on a post. As long as you feel offended, close your internet tab.

Why do you bother to discuss this religious thing so much?
We are not tolerating any sacrilegious offense, including how somebody shouting for his religion proudly and demoralizing other religion. That is a very serious moral killing. Religion is good -like we said earlier-, religion is not a shield against argument. Religion is about everybody's noble pride, privilege, obligation. Religion is love.

Enough about religion. Does Tranquil Psalms recruit any crew to maintain the group?
Sure! We think we need a social-network crew, a routine writer, and publicity segment. For four years, Tranquil Psalms is a one-man-show. We need partners, although being an active reader is more than enough.

What's the target?
We would like to have thousand members and followers. We are not competing, but to become as motivating as HOME(House of Mercy ff. Dewa Klasik Aleksander) is what we are trying to.

contact Tranquil Psalms on:
twitter: @TranquilPsalms
"We are trying the best to help you with any love,life,and future consultation :)"


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