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I present this short-writing for those WHO ARE STRUGGLING AGAINST ALL ODDS to love their couple: religions, ages, races, traditions, etc.
I'm telling you, to "realize a secret is an absolute secrecy is rare and wise."


Dream come true: The couple from Nanchong in China's Sichuan province married in 1924, and were never given the opportunity to commemorate their big day
Sichuan, China: Conghan, 101, & Sognshi, 103, happily married for 88 years until 2012.
Jakarta, Indonesia: Zack Lee, 28 & Nafa Urbach, 35, happily married for 6 years until now.

Virginia, USA: Richard Loving, a white man, and Mildred Loving, black woman, arrested for a year due to interracial marriage in 1967.

Tokyo, Japan: Lisa Ono, a famous bossa singer, is a Brazilian-Japanese birth.


Hi guys, 

I simply share this post after my friend asked me about an inter-religion relationship (seriously, my fine friend is really exists)
Well, one thing I learned from my preceptor: 
we don't live to state true or false. we live to consider.

My good-smoker pals, do you realize everytime you smoke, you smoke out that cigarette? Answer yes/no.
Do you realize that smoke may cause several diseases and more medical trouble? Answer yes/no.
Then why do you keep smoking? Keep the answer for yourself.

My friend told me about how complicated the relationship will be if they went on.
They are racially different, which makes the 'game' even harder.
but, more than that, they have different religion. so what?

Indonesia consists of multiple races, religions, customs, traditions, and so.
some of them proudly bring "Indonesia" decal as their identity to fuse.
some of them proudly stand for their own background, to guard something called "purity".
it's not that simple in a high-context country. 

who am I to judge? I simply brought the thought to my friend through this post.

what to do with 'difference' while it goes within 'love'?

you may have a detour to four pictures I gave at the top, they represents 'difference in love'(not problem, difference).

The Chinese couple had an older wife, 2 years older, and they spent 88 years of blessings.
The Indonesian couple had 4 years difference, and they tolerate society for that. Nafa said, "Even sometimes, he(Zack) acts more mature than me."
The Virginia couple case: the Chief Justice,Earl Warren yet said: 
"Marriage is one of the "basic civil rights of man," fundamental to our very existence and survival.... To deny this fundamental freedom on so unsupportable a basis as the racial classifications embodied in these statutes, classifications so directly subversive of the principle of equality at the heart of the Fourteenth Amendment, is surely to deprive all the State's citizens of liberty without due process of law. The Fourteenth Amendment requires that the freedom of choice to marry not be restricted by invidious racial discrimination. Under our Constitution, the freedom to marry, or not marry, a person of another race resides with the individual and cannot be infringed by the State."
Lisa Ono? She sings mellifluous bossa.

I say, they are the right examples of winner.
they who welcomed love to lead the differences between them.

noticing my latest post about "Love Never Fails", and my friend's quotation.

Love is a language which surpasses all dimension (races, religions, ages, etc)

then, I agree with this quote. 
Yes, love is the reason why you give the nickel to the busker.
Yes, love is the reason why WWF(World Wide Fund for Nature) exists.
Yes, love is the reason why we live.

despite the three examples, I would like to get back to the difference in love.

you see, what might happened if you are a devoted religious man/woman, marrying a totally different spouse?
yes, you loved him/her, and are those difference just went away, 'beaten' by "I love you"?

once, I saw a pretty girl. I was kinda had a crush on her and absolutely, I sought her identity first.
but what kind of identity did I want to know? what do YOU prioritize?

I personally, will seek for her age, religion, then educational background.
how about you guys?

after that, my mind will play the scenes by itself. What will happen if I date her, is it going to be a good one? Will I be able to marry her? Will I be able to reduce that differences? forgive my spontaneous thought.

I will get myself down if some points just don't get match.
Oh, she comes from a really philantrophic-boy-oriented family.
Oh, she IS tomboy!
Oh, she smells bad.
Oh, she is older than me.
Oh, she is taller than me.

and soo.... until I make up my mind, let's have another shot for my wise choice: INDEPENDENCY! :"

one does not simply, how "I Love You" will surpass my parents' mind?
how "I Love You" make her doesn't get annoyed to date a younger boy?
how "I Love You" trick genetic consequences due to marriage later?

we should know the main problem is not that difference. 
the problem is, do you really love him/her?

talking about gigantic and much differences, love might be fragile.
one simple touch may broke down a year-founded relationship, thanks to the third party mostly, the I'm-with-you-pal party.

let me get my opinion simpler,
the four case above are they who trust love as the governor, and so, they believe love never fails, love never beaten by one or thousand case. if it is beaten, it is not love.

yes, you conclude our problems were so easy that love is the absolute champion.

but it is the fact.

so, how do I get started?

you do what I do as the starting point. compare, consider, pray.
is it possible? can I handle my parents? is my God being happy with my choice?

then, if you think "I can handle it"
are you ready? financially, mentally, and physically?
you are not dealing with teachers and test.
you are dealing with your future.
I believe, every stare you put to someone who had you, change your future.

after that, play the scene bro, sis.
some people just skipped the first two step and give it a trial.
don't bother their failure. and don't think I'm sharing the most successful way to get your crush.

in my opinion, this case is beyond "is it legal/not, true/false" for this case belongs to human-God, not human-human.

I love differences, it makes me feel precious.
God made us differently, and why should we debate for similarity?
God even let the handicapped(no hard-feelings, friends) enjoy life.

once again, the difference in love may bring serious consequences: family, friends, colleagues, comrades, society, medias. 
and if you feel BOTH OF YOU might "use your pretty face as shoes", welcome to the gate of hall-of-fame!

my father is Buddhist, my mother is Catholic.they have about ten years-old difference. they maintained a beautiful house-life for decades. they have their own unique, very unique background in which the society will give a negative throwback. and I'm proud I was born from entire differences.

lastly, give your steer to God, not your hope.
it's not like I want to reduce our faith like in "The Sick People's Relative".
but indeed, I feel like let God do the entire steering in this case, for I, myself, believe, love(which made in God) is not that painful, harmful, and terrible. Love is an absolute blessings and positive energy.

good luck guys. I'm praying for you, including youths, who struggle against their too-much differences in love.
believe me, His Rainbow will soon emerge and you both may enjoy the clarity of God's love through your spouse.

thanks Dina for the request :cheers:

good night.

thank you for reading.
why remain steady if spreading a blessing is as easy as clicking?
God Bless Us
Love :)

"Love because you love him/her, not because it's safe enough to love."



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