Prologue: The Mono-Interview
Name: Kevin Sanly Putera
Birth: late 1993
Location: Indonesia, SE Asia
Job: student, writer, freelance journalist, scumbag.
Interest: love and interpersonal problem(I can help you), money, writing, cryptozoology, semiotic, and girls with 's'.
Religion:  Catholic

Why did you bother to make a blog?
I have been writing for Tranquil Psalms for four years. It is a facebook group which contained stories with moral values. I wrote some fictional stories and sharing there. But Tranquil Psalms is not supposed to deal with my personal life. I made as a place to share my exciting (perhaps) experiences. I didn't really like blogs, but I think this is the least I can do so I won't get myself crazy.

What kind of blog will be?
I won't be focusing on a topic. I'm not a type of person which will writing about a topic for a long-term, like a foodblogger. I found it extremely boring. I will just write about my personal experience, it may be with food. with my friends, anything religious, anything interpersonal, anything which may be interesting to be shared (I don't say interesting to be read, it's absolutely relative).

So, your blog is anything personal. What will you bring as the most interesting side of your blog?
Maybe... it's the content: my life. I believed that every person's life is interesting. They just need a proper way of expressing it so their life would inspire others. Even a baby could bring the world a joy, why wouldn't a teenager do better?

You seemed to be confident with your own life.
Yes. I have lived for 18 years and still going (amen). I have met many people, even much! They are all good teachers, inspirators, and indeed, friends. One thing everybody should know, each of their life is interesting because of others. Mother Teresa would not be that famous without the sick people in Calcutta. Adolf Hitler would not be that famous without the Jewish and the Nazis. Cheers for others!

Did you set up a routine schedule of posting?
No. Writing is not about routine. It's a hobby. Some people made their hobbies into routine, which I won't. I will write when I want to.That's the art (I think) of blogging.

Do you have a target of readers and suscribers?
I can't say the number. But I think I would be satisfied when I realized that I hardly believe my own blog's readers number. I'll say, that will take a long time.

What's with the interview-genre of posting?
I lately write for a news media. They are using this type of posting on the section where I wrote. I kind of get used of it. It is fun, you know, questioning and answering by our own self. You should give it a try!

You live in Indonesia. Why don't you write in Bahasa Indonesia language?
Don't take this point as a blade to attack my nationality side. With its strength and weaknesses, I love my country. But, I can't deny that English language is extremely penetrating the world. I want everybody over the world to be in touch with my writings.

Who is your target of readers actually?
A hard question, indeed. Well, I have some lovely friends who loved to read my writings on Tranquil Psalms. I hope they will love what I would write on too. There are some people who I wanted to 'annoy' with my writings: those who dislike me, those who I ever loved, and strangers. They deserve my writings. LOL.

So, you made this blog to allude people, to tell them that you love them, and to inspire?
Thank you!

You will have assorted readers. What would you say about them?
Just enjoy the blog. The exact purpose of my writing is, I want to correct people's mistake, mostly in way of thinking. Don't take my writing too hard like I hate you so much and expressing my hatred in this blog. This is  my way to tell you that you are wrong, in humble opinion, of course. Still, the choice is yours. I have the right to shout, but you have the right to enjoy silence. This is the allure of alluding.

*UPDATE* Here are my part of history and my interests, feel free to share and contact me for an ear:





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