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Here is Kevin Sanly Putera, the boy who has done some research about masturbation. He'd like to share a little about masturbation. What's so interesting about masturbation? You may ask yourself first.

So, how do you explain masturbation?
It is an act of 'playing around with' your genitals to gain any sexual stimulation called orgasm. Orgasm gives the man/woman a kind of pleasure which I hardly explain( Explaining orgasm is as complicated as guiding someone in using Adobe Aftereffect, I suppose *laughing*) To conclude the result of masturbation, it's a sexual satisfaction which is fun and addicting.

Technically, how do you reach masturbation?
Based on men experiences, I thought all we have to do is thinking something erotic. Something which we could not get in the reality. Our fantasy take the control and stimulate our hand to 'play around with' the genitals for several minutes, maybe hour. Aaannnddd it's done.
For women, it's similar. Just change the sex of your fantasy character.

How did you firstly meet masturbation?
Just like the main reason, it was unconsciousness. I found out that both male and female have the same introduction to masturbation. First reason shouted out, it was unconsciousness. The funny part, most of us found masturbation by rolling over on the floor in kids age. This is based on my personal research on sharing videos and dialogues. Second, they are introduced by friends. Their friends found something interesting to do and kindly share this activity. Thanks.

When did you do masturbation?
When I felt horny (?) Some people told me they did it when they were bored. I am not fully agreed with that personally. when you are bored, you will do whatever you loved to do. If masturbation is your favorite hobby, I changed my mind then. Hence, people do masturbation when they feel horny, bored, and in a mess.
Once again, we're not talking about static fact, it's a sharing-and-experiencing article.

What do you mean by "in a mess"?
Stressed. You have no idea what to do with some problem. You do masturbation to relieve yourself awhile. It has the same addictive effect as drugs, but not as hazardous as them.

Why do people keep doing masturbation?
Maybe the major answer will be "because it's fun and breaking your limit." The sexual stimulation is addicting, reminding sex is basic human needs. Breaking your limit, I said, because you may have a woman does whatever you want her to do in your mind. Imagination is human's psychology supplement.

Actually, did you get any benefits for doing it?
I would say, you keep your mind healthy in a very rough way. there are hundreds even thousands of way to keep your mind fit, fresh, and creative. Masturbating is addictive, that's why so many people did it as a psychology health 'theraphy'. I found out in an article that masturbation may prevent a cancer for women. For men, masturbation cuts their time to orgasm. Why do something fun for only a while?

What's the negative effect besides the orgasm thing?
Pretty sure, it has a direct impact on your self-esteem and self-image. You bet your own head that you are the worst and the most sinful guy in the world after doing masturbation(majorly). For 'nice' people, masturbation is addictive 'sin'. You blamed yourself like crazy and gave yourself alot of repentance. For 'closed-eye' people, masturbation is all fun and routine. You do it because you like it. you need it.

So, can we conclude that porn site relates to masturbation?
Thank you.

Who or what do you think is holding the responsible of masturbation?
I can't say porn site. Our self decided what to do, why blame others for something we have done? If you did not intend to do masturbation, let the porn site wondering nowhere about. It's not our hand or genitals fault, it's our mind. We could think of a nude woman or man by our fantasy ability. We could reach masturbation not because the genitals could not bear more LOL, but because our mind told the genitals to do so.

How do we stop masturbation?
If you have a lot of alternatives to go in jail, you have a lot of alternatives to get out too. People said, it's the best to share your problem to others. Having several consultation may brought bright point for some people. Second, just find any other activites to substitute the masturbation. When you felt sleepy and think nothing else to do besides that, do sit-up. It kills you, and your fat. It kills you to get you to a better place if you would stop masturbating.

What do you say about masturbation?
It's good and it's bad. I may not judge whether masturbating is a good thing to do or not. For they who would to stop, you better do. There's no point trapping yourself to something you didn't like but you loved to do. For those who loved masturbating, we are all know the benefits and the bad effects it may brought. We only lived once, true is true!

picture taken from: http://lh3.ggpht.com/_55GvUmvTDKI/TQqERhPKg6I/AAAAAAAAAOg/c5R0VpL_lBg/sex-symbol.jpg


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