Veni Creator Spiritu
The Holy Spirit Artwork

I postponed this article for 2 years. For many reasons of consideration, I present you, one of the greatest God's masterpiece through me.  
Back to my newest post, this post tells about my service trip to Miau Merah, a small village in West Borneo, Indonesia. Starting from July, 10th to July 17th, I never imagined my trip would be this amazing.

Anyway, I made this post into a narrative one, reminding too many things which will be better told in a story mode. I have some video journal too, but the web seems to have a trouble with them.
You may check the video within the link given along the story. 

Just enjoy the writing, and I wish you'll be blessed.

Prologue: Before The Trip
   This story is rich of Christian Catholic values. I will try to explain any foreign term. Still, any moral values in this post is not the most absolute and truest in the world. At the end, I'm just sharing what is right to me and needed to be written. 

   First thing to know, I am a 18-year-old Catholic. I am one of the Altar Server in my church. I didn't join the Catholic Charismatic Group too much. Just because someone spent much time at Church, doesn't mean he/she spent much time with God. Then, how could I join this service?

   I declare my first thank to my beloved religion preceptor, Mrs. Rosalia Sianny. She was the one who asked for me to join the service to Borneo. I am still wondering, how God works amazingly here. Before the service, we didn't have a close relationship. She maybe just knew one or two things about me, then she invited me to join the service, something which is serious, really serious. It's just like trusting your full-of-money bag to a stranger because you want to go to the lavatory.

   Second, my thank goes to Mr. Stefanus Chik Tjai. He is my preceptor too. We have known each other well. He held the responsibility as the leader. I don't know how he let me joined the group when Mrs. Rosa(nick) invited me.

   The group consisted of 20 persons who will go to Borneo, and many more for our support at Jakarta. Let me write the 20 people:
1. Stefanus Chik Tjai
2. Rosalia Sianny.
3. Melly, my respected senior.
4. Rinny Gunawan.
5. Rinny Azrin.
6. Sukardi Dayak Bakati, Borneo is his hometown.
7. Selviana Saikat.
8. Johni Sampul, the senior keyboardist.
9. Eugenia Kurniati Sulaiman, the videographer.
10. Eko Sethiono, one of my Altar Server preceptor and the photographer. The paper sculpture as well!
11. Karsinah, one of the humblest person I ever know.
12. Angelina.
13. Elita, the singer.
14. Maria Tumari, one of the kindest.
and the youth,
15. Andri, third thanks to him, he leaded my faith far better.
16. Elice Agustine.
17. Toni Periyanto.
18. Franky Leonardus.
19. Yonathan Sutanto, the keyboardist.
20. me.

And so, when Mrs. Rosa asked me if I wanted to join the service, I said 'yes'. For me, I don't want to let the chance to serve God passed. I was afraid, because this is the heaviest level of service I ever had. Going to other island, meeting 250 strangers who seek for God through us. WOW

Mrs. Rosa said I should maintain my faith carefully until the service done. It's like: there's always 'someone' who's being unhappy with a true service, and it won't just let us go easily.

Every Friday, the team gather around to had Praise and Worship. It's Catholic Charismatic activity. I mentioned before, I am not a good follower of it. But this way, I can maintain my relationship to God. 

After a few surfing, Charismatic comes from the Greek word, 'charismata' ( means: gifts.) We sing, but not just singing. We pray, but not just praying.

I feel like, we did something more than that. Andri said, when we sing in a Praise and Worship, we unite ourself with the lyric of the song. We meant every word as a prayer. So many of them are able to pray in tongues ( You know, when the twelve apostles in Pentecost, receiving Holy Spirit and praying in tongues, a language which they didn't understand)

I am amazed of the way they prepared theirselves for the service. In Altar Server, we are discussing technical problem alot, definitely alot. 
But here, they prepared the event by keeping their relationship close to God.

I learned that, if you want to serve God, why do you bother to be busy with something which are not important compared to God Himself? 
This reminds me of a Bible story about Mary and Martha in Luke 10:38-42.

Jesus said: Martha, Martha, you are anxious and troubled about many things; there is need of only one or but a few things. Mary has chosen the good portion, which shall not be taken away from her.

First day: Tuesday, July 10th 2012

We arrived at the airport by 4 a.m. The airplane boarded at 6 a.m. I really anxious how I will struggled against the loneliness, without my close mates. I was wrong, they share a lot, especially love.
I admitted this is the greatest love sharing without being proud of it.

   It took about an hour and thirty to make it to Pontianak in Borneo. The flight was not so smooth. We had some turbulences, and that was the scariest flight I ever had. Thank God we arrived safely.

 The next flight to Sintang will be five hours later. We waited at a small cafe in the airport. 20 people was too much I think, filling the spot, and just sitting around. We ordered tea, snacks, and charged our phone, laptop.
On 10 a.m. the siblings of Mrs. Kurniati went to airport and delivered crab noodles for us. How did it taste? Miracles. The crab, the pork, the fishball, they combined and massaged my tongue.

The second wave came, she delivered 20 packs of pork rice. Yes, they are great too. We ate them at the boarding gate and atttracting other passengers. Thank God the plane arrived on time. It was ATR42-300, Kalstar Aviation(pic below). The flight took 39 minute to Sintang. 

   The stewardess gave us each a small pack of Tango Wafer and a cup of mineral water, not bad for a inter-town flight. We arrived at Sintang, at last. The temperature was so high I wish to plunge myself in a pool right away. The airport of Sintang is so simple: the conveyor didn't work, there are only two waiting room with lines of chair, and a small toilet.

    It was Father Wasono, O.M.I. who picked us with Toni and Franky(both of them went to Borneo earlier). He was a father who once served us at Trinitas Church. But then, he transferred to Sintang. He lead the Catholic movement at Pb. Penai(a town in West Borneo) last year. For me, he is a great humble servant.

   We had our night at a Sta. Clara Immanuel Convent. From the airport, we went there on a Toyota Hilux and Toyota Fortuner. Toni's uncle who lives in Borneo lent them to us. The road trip was a fun, check out the video,

this is the convent. Well, Father Markus, O.M.I. is buried nearby. He died on a mission. A real example of serving God until your last breath.

this is the garden area. I had a peaceful feeling there. Seeing green and so.

the lovely dog. He would lovely play with everybody.

the chapel building.

this was our bed.

After we cleaned ourselves, we decided to had our dinner at Saung Kapuas Emas/SAKE(picture below)

I took the picture on our survey of this restaurant( yes, we did survey) in the afternoon time.

the coolest thing in the restaurant is, they have pool, pond, and hut packed up in one place.

The food was fine. We had fish soup, kale, prawns, and others.

In our trip back to convent, we stopped at a market line. You know, I am a thinker, I thought about my belongings before I went there, but I forgot my towel. Yes, the cleaning part before, I did not join them. I hadn't take my bath.

 Father Wasono, O.M.I., our lovely missionary father, accompanied me in my adventure. It was evening, most of the shop had closed. I don't even care about what shop it is anymore. We kept asking if they sell any towel. At the very last shop in the line, which sell snacks, towels are purchasable. Thank You, Lord. I picked the green one, then I enjoyed my cleaning time alone at the convent.

Then, we had a small meeting at the chapel building. We discussed technical problem about tomorrow. Then we have a Praise and Worship.

Before sleep, the seniors were having their chat time with Father Wasono about tomorrow event.

lastly, most of us put anti-mosquito lotion because we believed they were ready to advance. And as always, before I realized it, I fell asleep.

Second day: Wednesday, July 11th 2012

In the morning, we had a mass with Father Wasono, O.M.I. 
This was the day we went to Miau Merah. We packed up and leave the convent. 
We had our lunch before the 1.5 hour trip at Rumah Makan Terapung Saka 3(picture below).

It is a floating restaurant on Kapuas Hulu. We had to go through steep bridge to eat there.

Seeing this sight, I had one more reason to be grateful for the world.

It's time to say goodbye to Sintang for awhile. Next destination, Miau Merah!

I was asleep when the car went to Miau Merah. Then, we arrived at the meeting point. Some guys with red cloth welcomed us and talked to Father Wasono. I don't know, Borneo is a free island. I could release my pee-pee anywhere. I decided to do it at a stone hill, and there.. it flowed through the small duct.

you know, God had show us one more time that this was truly His artwork.

watch the very short-video to know that :)

I feel like, "They just met us, and this is crazy!" They welcomed people they hadn't know yet! When I said "some guys" earlier, we're talking about 200 people on their bikes! People said, they never welcome anybody as much as this.

When we arrived at the house where we lived, I met Mega. I ran to her and we hugged each other. My sense tickled me that I shouldn't do that. I was warned about physical contact. But, it happened.

They treated us with a bunch of food. From the left, they are Pulud bekat, Tumpi, Wajik.
They are made from sugar and coconut mostly, they tasted like heaven candy.

this is lulun. They put rice into the bamboo, making it so delicious, smelt so good!

So, we were eating these at the house, while hundreds of them waiting outside, patrolling. I really felt they shouldn't do that, the welcoming and all.
We came to serve you, but you serve us first. Tears of joy came from the team.
Next, we divided ourselves, males and females.

 They introduced us the bathroom. This is the path if you want to go to the river, to take a bath. Yes.

It's about 50 metres and more through the tiny forest.

This is the river where we cleaned ourselves.

I smiled when I saw this. It was the most windy bathroom I have ever use.

Then, we did a survey to the church. You may see the pictures below.

a local carpenter made the alphabets one by one. He spent about two days just to made the board.

It could handle 200 and more people, but still, there isn't too much space.

It was around 17.00, Franky wanted to buy a SIM card, because the only working operator there, are Indosat and Telkomsel. We borrowed Andriana's motorcycle. She said, the nearest mobile shop will be five minutes trip by wheels. 
Then, I drove the motor, the road there wasn't so smooth. There's no asphalt. It's pure ground and wavy. The road pattern lead us to a slow trip. It took us about 20 minutes to reach the nearest phone shop.
5 mins? Yeah, 5 mins.
We enjoyed our sunset on bike. You count how long it was.

What about our first dinner there? We have a vegetable kind called "Pakis". Borneo has alot of them. Marinated fish as well, accompanied our fine dining experience.

There was our first night at Miau Merah. Tomorrow is the big day where the bishop, the leader of fathers came. He is the bishop of Sintang. The people would welcome him and us as the formal event as well.

Third Day: Thursday, July 12th 2012

The Welcoming Team

The traditional beat contraption of Borneo, Tuma

the truck brought rubber, the major income for citizens.

the custom

(from left) Mr. Eko, Mr. Sukardi, Mr. Stef, Father Heru, Bishop Agus, and Mr. Johnny

the mass euphore

we had a few activites, mentioning to welcome the bishop. But as far as I can see, the participants couldn't wait longer to get the blessings.

Fourth day: Friday, July 13th 2012

here's what we done. The Bishop of Sintang came to the village to held a mass with us. It's really an honor: a servant with such activities, had a 3 hour trip just to serve 200 people there. The seniors played the beat as the car approached. Followed by traditional and cultural welcome, the mass went on. You know, Mrs. Kurniati, one of my preceptor was having her birthday on July 13th. We threw a small party for all who were having their birthday on July. As you can see above, they are (from left) Mrs. Angeline, Father Wasono, Mrs. Kurniati, Andriana, Aliana, Lia, Mega.
Until the next two days, we were dealing with sessions, we praised God a lot, we sang, we danced, and when The Holy Spirit has been granted, many has turned their back to return to God.

Fifth day: Saturday, July 14th 2012

We were having a big movement that day. Most of the participants got their tongue language. They felt the greatness of Holy Spirit and acted in the spirit: they cried, shouted fiercefully, shaking, such manifestation.
Some of them -as I saw and felt- are not Holy Spirit Himself! I felt strange to some guys' manifestation. It's unlikely 'holy'. I prayed a lot so the team may not be attacked by evil. I asked God if one day, I would get the discerment talent ( the ability to differenciate between Holy Spirit's work and evil's make-up).
It's like magic, you know, fighting not by your muscles. But it's not magic since we're talking about God's mighty. 
My tongue language was activated since we were preparing the service in Puncak. Andri told me to focused on praising and worshipping God, not just on the tongue language.
On that night, my tongue language bursted out like I really didn't wish it to stop! My duty was to catch the resting people. Compared to 300 people that night, the church building wasn't too spacious. We couldn't catch up to some people who suddenly rested. They said, "I'm aware the time I fall down. But it's not hurt. I felt like somebody's catching my back." And there wasn't anybody. Amazing, isn't it?

Our clothes were soaked by sweat. After 2-hour, we ended the prayer. The Holy Spirit gave some people courage to testify: about what they felt, what happened, what they wanted to change since then.

Sixth Day: Sunday, July 15th 2012

It's our last day here. The service team of Sintang has a habit: they will plant a cross where a retreat has been accomplished. Below, there's a picture of the cross. It's made of wood and it's weighted more than 100 kg, should be. We should carry the cross to the planting spot. Yes, Via Dolorosa. We need eight fit adults to brought it, but there were a lot who wanted to take part. We took turn each couple meter. Even by twelve man or more, couple meter seems little. The cross is so heavy, that each of us likely to hold their breath: "Gasp, it's quite heavy." and tried to control it in pace. We uttered Holy Virgin Mary prayer in our journey.

the cross of Miau Merah

It's time to say goodbye. After the final mass, the participants say their gratitude for our visit. In the closing speech, Mr. Stef delivered a heart-warming quote, "We(the Jakarta team) come to serve you. But what really happened? We were served by you. Comfy bed, delicate food, fresh water(it's summer and they're lack of water. Our host had save water so we could bath faster: in the bathroom, not at the river)"

They gave us a souvenir each, a traditional hat and a Dayaknese scarf.
They made a U-form, so each of us could shake their hands. The women dropped their tears, they kissed our cheek, "When are you going to visit us again?" Ugh... God, thank You, we've been loved.

But it's not the Jakarta team's end of journey. We had to go to another place, the Convent near Entibab. That's where the Sintang team will be upgraded: teamwork, spirit, and solidity. Mr. Stef and Mrs. Rosa from us, delivered another teamwork session so they would serve better.

We had to take another 1-hour trip. the participants accompanied us just like when they welcomed us. It's a mass good bye party. At the end of Miau Merah road, they stopped and waved their good bye until we couldn't see them.

The road was so windy it almost made Mr. Sukardi hat's flown away.

We've made it to the riverside. Yes, we would continue our journey by boat. It's fantastic as it heard. By moderate speed, we really enjoyed that another hour trip. I saw a lot, really lot of various plants I never encountered in Java. Those trees were so big, tall, and colorful. some of them were in white, quite trendy eh? It's like watching a 4D movie, without glasses, without shaking couch, and without food-and-beverages-from-outside prohibition. My phone ran out of battery, so I enjoyed the view by myself. It's jungle here, but it's not, because we could see many people out there, swimming, waving at us, smiling, and kids jumping off the branches to the river. There were several gold mining contraption. You see, Kapuas River contain gold. Due to the ground digging, the river turned out to be brown.
during the trip, I saw two small church. Father Wasono said, he served there, but not too often. There are too many small church he and Father Heru had to serve. The church building was not quite well. It's like a wooden hut, poor light, inadequate painting, but it's the place where Catholic people celebrate a mass once every two months. lucky for towny guys like us eh? and you say your church is too far?

this is the river we passed and that's how brown it was(is).

we had to pass this bridge. the bridge is shaky yet sturdy. Once we stepped forward, the bridge will shake. I'm not afraid of heights, actually. But in this situation(the second photo shows how high we are from the bridge to the bottom), I unlikely to stay so long there. There's just that wire to hold the bridge and us. Many villagers there are even to get used to pass it by motorcycle. Some planks are missing you know!!! YOU CAN SEE CLEARLY WHAT'S GOING ON DOWN THERE BY THAT HOLE!!! and they passed it like nothing's wrong.. 

the convent is united with a school, and is located on the riverbank. The session went on until the next day. We were suffering from fatigue, though.. but the show was going..

Seventh Day: Monday, July 16th 2012

We're going home. It's 4-hour trip to Sintang. The flights to Pontianak were all booked, so we had to take the night bus to catch our next plane to Jakarta.

see that ice-cream mountain? That's Bukit Kelam, it's a pilgrimage center in West Borneo. The shape is unique because I haven't saw such round mountain. You shouldn't miss that place when you pay a visit to Sintang.

this is a restaurant owned by Catholic family. Father Wasono serves them too. We had our late lunch here. This small place served only five menus, and they are all meat: boar, deer, snake, monkey, and dog. They're all cooked as soup and rice. I tried five of them and let me rate the taste from the worst: boar(it's hard to chew), deer, snake, monkey, dog. Dog tastes the best, until now. Once I came to visit Catholic Bataknese near my house. They served me Lapo(dog soup) and it's fantastic.

From Sintang, we took that bus on the first picture to Pontianak. Damri Company is one of the oldest transportation service over Indonesia. It costs about 10$/person for the trip. We spent another 10 hour on bus. The bus had the coldest AC. I laughed when my mom suggested me to bring jacket. I mean, it's hot here. but we will never know. Mr. Eko lent me a rain coat(yes) because I'm so freezing and the AC's drop soaked us. One of the longest over-night journey.

we arrived at Pontianak on 5 a.m. Jetlagged, we had to walked about a mile to Mrs. Kurniati sister's house. We refreshed ourselves there. After bath and so, we had our breakfast. The picture shows us a red herbal tea. In Jakarta, we drink a black herbal tea, but not in Pontianak.

I don't know, but this is the best noodle I have ever eat. Dju Hui Crab Noodle. A lot of meat! We had fishball, crab, prawns, fried prawns, fishcakes, pork, and it costs about 3$. 3$ only guys! #visitindonesia

this is the herbal tea's leaf.

one of the giftshop.

Pontianak served the famous marinated fish. I bought some for my family.

as a dessert, Mrs. Kurniati brought us to an icecream store. It's quite famous in Pontianak. They sell the icecream on a coconut shell. We could eat both and it's refreshing!

There's the end of our 2012 service.
We will visit them again on 2014, not in Miau Merah, but in Nanga entibab(it takes more distance)

I really appreciated the chance God gave to me.
When I arrived at home, I hugged and kissed my mom. I didn't tell much about my service. 
It's not like my mom refuse to hear me. but I'm interested to hear what happened at my home for a week. 

My father just smiled and asked generally. I didn't know that my father tell my service to his friends. He loved me in a different way. He was proud of me.. I could not thank more for these blessings Lord.

God changed the way I saw people. I really forged to be a better servant.
I didn't know this is what we call a service.
I used to know a service such as: singing at a worship, ushering, leading a prayer, community.
God took me to the next level of service.

My position as a leader in PASS made me somewhat stubborn and ego.
I've been too long to lead and refuse to be a follower.

You know, back in that week.
I was the youngest, yet the most commanded guy.
I had to do some work that are not on the job desc.
When others sang and prayed, I had to stay to maintain the line.
when others cried, I had to mob the wet floor.
I blamed for a little decision I made, because I didn't know my authorization well.
I was just a servant after all.
I was asked to help the fellowship dance.
I was asked to press the right button on keyboard to move the slide.
I was a porter too.
I was given none of important tasks like "it's only me who can do it."
I have suppressed by that service principle, because I just met "the real guy" of service.
what I have done in PASS, Antiokhia, Youth Ministry, KEP, BIR are far beyond.
I'm not discrediting any of those community service's value.
but I have 'taste' the original version and it's certainly necessary for all of us!
serve until you hurt.
serve until you cry
serve until you turn all of that into smile and praise.

why remain steady if spreading a blessing is as easy as clicking?


"Service isn't there to be judged. Service is there to be done by the man who's unwanted by others, and that's you."

Karena itu, hai manusia, siapapun juga engkau, yang menghakimi orang lain, engkau sendiri tidak bebas dari salah. Sebab, dalam menghakimi orang lain, engkau menghakimi dirimu sendiri, karena engkau yang menghakimi orang lain, melakukan hal-hal yang sama.
- Roma 2:1

THEREFORE YOU have no excuse or defense or justification, O man, whoever you are who judges and condemns another. For in posing as judge and passing sentence on another, you condemn yourself, because you who judge are habitually practicing the very same things [that you censure and denounce]
- Romans 2:1


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