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It means, " Showing God through our daily behavior". As an annual event, Putra Altar/Misdinar( Altar Server) of Trinitas Church held a recollection for all members. The last bold sentence is our theme this year. We don't want the Altar Server known as a nice guy in the church only. Let us show Godly character in our daily life anytime and anywhere. That's what we are going to implant.

First thing first, what is Altar Server?
We are serving in the Catholic mass just like the father(the clergy). We assist the father in case he needs something that he shouldn't do. We serve God through the father. In our church, Altar Server limited to boys around 11 years old - 18 years old. We had to get our first communion before we can join the Altar Server.

What is your exact duty?
We carry the cross, we are the thurifer, we ring the bell at the consecration, we are the guardian of Christ's Body, and we are trained to be ready in case the father need microphone, holy water, etc. so he does not have to get them by himself.

So, Catholic Mass has father, diaconate, nun, and Altar Server. How important the Altar Server duty might be?
Personally, I think Altar Server held the second biggest responsibility in a mass. We are standing there - surrounding the father - to be the model for the people. When we stand, we are telling the people to stand up too. Besides, the priest can't handle his needs alone in a thousand-people mass. He needs assistants, and we are one of them.

Okay, what about the annual recollection?
We, humans, need holiday too. Recollection is an alternative of spiritual refreshment for us. We had our recollection this year at Santa Monica Camping Ground, Bogor on June 29th until July 1st 2012. Our concept is camping, it's the first time we're back in nature. LOL

What were you doing in your recollection?
We are having some kind of retreat, a withdrawal from our routine to know more about God. It is an honor and simultaneously a responsibility as the Altar Server to know our Master well.

How did you do it?
We are having our sessions, related to the theme, we were talking about who are we, our future, and our life commitment. The speaker were very motivating, thanks to Iwan and Ferdi. We were singing together, expressing ourselves like crazy. LOL. We played games, awesome debate, self-evaluation, and fantastic outbond activities!

Why did you choose those kind of activities for recollection?
We opted to not stress ourselves with spiritual material too much. We taught the Altar Server many moral values through games. Human-chain for example, we wanted to know how big their love to the Altar Server, how strong they will strive for ourselves.

How fun your recollection was?
Excellent! Here are some of our activities:
1. Praise: we sing some enjoyable spiritual songs and we dance! It's the best part, dance!
2. Yell: this is a signature for every group. We took 'kitchen equipment' as the theme of the group naming. They made various, funny, spiritful yell!
3. Talent show: dramas, parodies, dances, and songs. Everything here were very awesome. They are very creative in expressing theirselves! LOL
4. Debate: we are studying some controversial factual cases. Like, a consideration to go to church or studying for your final exam. We divide two group into pro and contra for a topic, they were debating, giving some head-shots arguments, and made all audience hasting their smiles!
5. Games: some simple yet meaningful games, if you knew the trick is teamwork, you should done the game easily.
6. Midnight exploration: imagine you are given a candle, and you have to explore a silent, creepy, dark forest way to go back to your comforting tent. Some of us admitted that we had a vision! It's all for fun, supposely.
7. Outbond activities: yes. The climax of every passion. Each team were competing like crazy to show that their group is the best. I found out they are creative, solid, enthusiastic, and awesome!

Seems fun.
You bet! It was the best event I ever had, even as the organizer. They appreciate the event and love the Altar Server more! I am grateful for that.

Any last message in this first article?
PASS, we had fun. Now, we are sent back to serve God through the Altar Server's duty. Remember our duty, is to serve. Not to make ourselves famous, not to become the most solid team, but to serve God. We are aware that many obstacles will demoralize us. But no worry, if you remember to whom you do all of this, you will be strengthen. Do it with love, not with full-logic to defend your ego. Do it with faith, not your proudly-unbeatable team work. Let us show God not in the Altar Server time only, but in every stages of our life.

*UPDATE* Ten thought about serving God:
Serving God is not about getting the comfort zone. But how we are being grateful for struggling in the zone.

Serving God is not about getting fantastic friend. But how we remember we are not serving our friend or ourselves, but God.

Serving God is not about competing, but be grateful that we are together moving forward to serve Him.

Serving God is not about how we make a perfect team, replacing the useless and the flaws with the better, but how we give the best with all we are.

Serving God is not about yelling for others mistake, but how we tolerate and learn together.

Serving God is like bungee-jumping, you do it all-out or not at all.

Serve God as you love, do it until it hurts. And that is just the beginning.

Serving God means you are literally serving everyone.

Serving God is not a burden, but a full privilege.

Serving God is all about love.


I am not the best and wisest person, I've just learned one or two so I can tell your mistake, blinded arrogant. Open your eyes! There are much more to learn - Blantac V.


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