Eucharist Camp 2012 Report

The United Catholic Youth of Keuskupan Agung Jakarta ( KAJ )

On July 6th - 8th 2012, Kevin Sanly Putera and his twenty friends from Trinitas Church went to Cibubur to join a hometown-scale camping named "Eucharist Camp 2012". Talking about eucharist, liturgy, mass, and all-catholic dialogues, Eucharist Camp is one of the supporting event to teach all the Catholic more about Eucharist(mentioning 2012 is Eucharist Year). The participant itself, was more than 1200 people from 46 Church all over Jakarta,  Bekasi, and Tangerang. 

So, what did you do?
Sessions, masses, and fun. We got materials as a basic to be well-educated Catholic youths. It was breaking a neck to get concentrated, listened to the speaker. LOL. We were having a mass every day. We shared our experiences about eucharist too, and the last but not least, we were having all-fun!

Why did you say it was so hard to get focused?
I might say it is because the weather. Those days dried us up like a pump. Yet, we all had to sit in a big line of semi-indoor tents, 1200 people under an enormous tent. In the last session, an expert was breaking our concentration by his flight. He flew, gliding, pitching like crazy, rolling, making a random drawing with smoke. It was a good distraction. LOL

How was the accomodation managed?
The committee divided the participants into six complex. They named them Matthew, Marcus, Luke, John, Joseph, and Marie. Each may consisted of 200 people with six big tents. Yes, you know about tent climate. It will be hot by the afternoon. It will be cold by dusk. The unstable climate was one of our challenge, living back to the nature.

What was the best part of the event?
Despite the meaning of the sessions, Rainbow Story part will do it. It is a talent show event from each complex. We were competing to show our creativity by dancing, singing, drama, and parody. Just when the event started, each complex yelling their best and being out of control (almost)! LOL. It was so great we can't stop laughing! Peel Banana!

Peel Banana?
Oh yeah. It was an ice-breaking movement. A simple song about a banana. 
Here is the lyric:
Peel Banana, Peel Peel Banana
Slice Banana, Slice Slice Banana
Shake Banana, Shake Shake Banana
Eat Banana, Eat Eat Banana
Trust me, this song is worth every second of my singing time. The coreography is so shaking we were all gone mad!

Sounds fun! What else?
I was introduced to a Penguin song. We played a wave movement, etc. Just know, I realized we can't discuss about its fun further. It's not the main part of Eucharist Camp. LOL

Okay. What did you get from Eucharist camp 2012?
1. Knowledge: thanks to the speaker( they are priest), they filled us with some knowledge about eucharist. I thank all youth who asked some important questions. Any controversial case were solved, as far as I heard.
2. Brotherhood: A tent in a complex may consists of two church. We were learning about tolerating space, time, manner, and love. Well, you can't deny we cannot not communicate especially when living in one roof. Big cheer beer to St. Laurentius Church of Serpong, Tangerang. You are a great room mate!
3. Loyalty: we were reflecting our church of course. Trinitas Church, fortunately, was one of the most excited church there. We bravely danced, sang every song, and express uncountable yell. Yes, we were shy. LOL.
4. Being grateful: we were faced against a simple living place, including bedroom and bathroom. Some of the bathroom are broken, there are no doors, pails to store the water, and sometimes the water were full of dust. We were sleeping with no soft surface like mattress( it was a camp). I, personally, went to some camping events, and Eucharist Camp 2012 has the most toughest area to deal with. I pity my home-sick weakness.

How do you evaluate the committee?
I raise my two thumbs for the committee. They have a great couple of spiritful MC( Master Ceremony). They managed the schedule well. Along with the misses, I understand that organizing 1200 people is a real deal. But they had given a lot of effort. Salute!
I have a personal input for them: next time, invite more church to be the committee, you were running an event consisted of 46 churches. 5 or 6 churches(maybe more, maybe less) won't help the idea too much, I think.

Last word?
It was an honor to meet all of you, Catholic youth. I, myself, learned too much from your bonding and spirit. I learned about being grateful and tactful. Let there be the next camp and make sure you invite us again!

Kami Orang Muda Katolik, Mencintai Ekaristi (We are Catholic Youth who loved Eucharist) - Susilo, Pr. in The Eucharist Camp March Song


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