Coffee Break: What I've Done in The Last 2 Months
My Tributes to Him

just a time-killing writing. don't bother to read it seriously. enjoy it, enjoy the videos.


hello guys, happy day isn't it? how are you? (answer me)

I'm writing this article as a sharing to all of you after my about 2-months holiday. today is my first day back to college, and it's lazily quite exciting. I would like to review I've done along that months. I'm grateful to God He gave me wonderful friends, communities, to spent my time with.

well.. June 25th is my first free Monday back then.
I spent that week to prepare a very big event, TERAMO 2013.
the event was held on June 30th - 6 July 2013. I learned a lot about service, thank Him.

yet, after TERAMO 2013, I felt like "this is it?" We, the committee spent about a semester for TERAMO 2013. It ended and I had like a great loss inside of me (true). Those nights, those meetings I will miss #sigh

July 9th

my honorable preceptor asked me to accompanied him to buy Saxophone. He was inspired by me (he said) when I was playing in Trinitas Mencari Bakat with Bombom Paupau (check the video if you like)

we went to Pasar Baru, and He bought a Selmer Prelude. Nice.

July 13th-14th

I went to a service in Villa Bukit Pinus, Pancawati. Along with my preceptor, and Nasi Team( my Christian Catholic service team), we served about 60-70 people. They are families from Tangerang, and it was a family retreat. I learned a lot from the children there (since Nasi Team were trusted to handle the kids). We were having a sudden outbond, games, sang along. It was fun!

July 15th

I went to Mall @ Alam Sutera with my Senior High School peeps. Well, the one who asked me, Evelyn, was known to continue her college in Australia, and she didn't tell me. I was such a bad friend. Sorry sis! We watched Pacific Rim and it was really awesome for me. I'm an Ultraman Fans and that movie just hit straight into my Japanese spot #ugh

July 20th-21th

I had another service(my preceptor said) in a fancy event. It was a recollection for P3T (my church renovation committee), PD(charismatic movement community), and KTM( Holy Trinity Community). They are all elites, and I was asked by my preceptor(thank you Pi Stef) to lead the ice breaking, games, and so.
I was the youngest, yet quite (I felt) a stranger for them. I didn't know many of them, yet I just put myself so I could at least didn't being useless there. It was the starting point of my service in MKP(Malam Kesaksian Pujian)/ Testify & Worship Night. I was chosen to be the ONLY one who was in charge of Multimedia section of the event. Great. Can I?

The week after that, was the preparation week to TERAMO 2013 Photo Exhibition. We sticked hundreds even thousands of photo to be showed.

July 27th

I had a service for my neighborhood. OMK Aloysius Gonzaga (my Catholic youth community) was asked to lead the prayer, worships, and preach. I talked about important things parents should know and share to their children (at least, in youth point-of-view) thank God they gave a positive feedback.

August 3rd

My first trip to Bandung that month. I was asked by Geraldus' family because we are family (in God, amen) along with my best mates, Arief, Ferdi, Marthin! We explored Bandung: Karmel Convent, Floating Market, and more. We had dinner at Pikiran Rakyat Fried Rice(that's what it called) and we had our trip back to Jakarta. On the way, I had a crazy idea to continue our trip to Puncak to eat satay. We called Brian to join us. At last, we went to my home, and we continue our trip to Puncak. I was driving from Bandung-Jakarta-Puncak continuously and it was great! Thank God we're safe. The satay was great and whoo! The craziest night-trip in my life!

August 5th

My second trip to Bandung. I was tired by the last trip, but I had to go. That was a survey for TERAMO 2013 Committee Recollection. We went to Tebing View Resort and it is a nice place.

August 7th - 9th

OMK Aloysius Gonzaga Retreat! My Family My Community. It was an extraordinary retreat, knowing it could changed 40 youths greater and better. check the video if you'd like to know more! (watch in Youtube and 720p)

August 12th - 15th

My family holiday, at last. My mother complained about how busy I am and I didn't give a bit for my family. We went to Kuala Lumpur, met my friends there(church friends, awesomely, three groups of them). It was a really nice trip I'm too lazy to share it.

August 16th 

Celebrating Indonesia Independence Day, OMK Aloysius Gonzaga held a competition. Many traditional games we played, and we grew better in love.

August 17th

OMK Aloysius Gonzaga had a service for my neighborhood competition (of Indonesia Independence Day), I saw many kids competing around, they're cute and funny!

August 24th - 25th

TERAMO 2013 Committee Recollection, my third trip to Bandung that month. When the other became participant, I and some friends still served as the committee (committee-ception), but it was great to see them relieved in fun!

August 29th

Here Comes MKP, I was serving with some friends, thank God they were there to help. I met Hudson Jessica "IMB" Prananjaya, Lisa A Riyanto, Augie Fantinus, and Fanny Rahmasari. They are great artists, so fun and honored to interact with them. and thank Lord, my church had extra 1,97 Billion Rupiah to renovate itself. I thought I couldn't finish that service well, but it's only by His Grace I've done (for myself) a quite remarkable service. I never trusted to be the multimedia guy, I never had. It was the first time, and we're talking about 1700 participants and four artists. Thank You Lord.

August 30th

I had a service for OMK Aloysius Gonzaga, talking about the basic of Catholic faith. It was a sensitive topic, and I really hope we could live Catholic better.

August 31th

I was the MC for Catholic Youth Event at the church. It was a movie time, we watched "The Way" and it such an inspiring movie! It told about an 800 km-s pilgrimage of an old man as a tribute for his son. I should go to Santiago de Campostela someday!

September 1st

My last day of holiday, I often complained about how I didn't have a real holiday for myself, but that means I didn't being grateful for those services I've been trusted. thank You Lord for those chances. I spent this day to serve in Family Fun Day. So, some families were playing games to win prizes. I was getting myself a lesson, that nowadays, rarely family spent their time together in a nice event such as Family day. If you think, going to mall together and having dinner together is enough, you better be careful. Family quality is more than that and deserve much more!

I conclude I spent my two-months for 87% services. I hope that makes 100% tribute to God. I pray so God would accept all my services. I'm nothing, truly. I'm just His little cottonbud. Used for a short time, maybe once, maybe two times, and I'm just thrown away. That's the way a servant should live, and I hope I could be like one.

I hope tomorrow will be a nice day, and so.
This is a fun sharing, and I hope(for the fourth times) you enjoy it. Sorry for your eight minutes in my blog.

thank you for reading.
why remain steady if spreading a blessing is as easy as clicking?
God Bless Us
Love :)

"serve while you can, not while you want to"


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