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Mark 11:24 "For this reason I am telling you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe (trust and be confident) that it is granted to you, and you will [get it]." - English Amplified Bible

good day everyone. happy eid mubarak all.

by the way in the last two post, I was talking about posting my trip to Borneo.
for time and space reason, please give me some more time to finish it. LOL

what I'm going to discuss today, is a Bible verse, which I gave you at the beginning of this post.

yes, please re-read it and try to understand the verse.

this one is in Bahasa Indonesia translation:
Markus 11:24 "Karena itu Aku berkata kepadamu: apa saja yang kamu minta dan doakan, percayalah bahwa kamu telah menerimanya, maka hal itu akan diberikan kepadamu." - 
Alkitab Bahasa Indonesia Terjemahan Baru

from any other 31,400 verses, Mark 11:24 -for me- brings the biggest hope and the biggest question mark.

 let me conclude the question: 
"How do you believe that it is granted to You before you receive it?"

it's really making non-sense (sorry to say) for a human like me.
you have to feel the chocolate flavor of your ice cream just before it comes to your mouth.

why are we discussing this anyway?
I heard you like story.

Last dawn (August 21st 2012 around 12:00 A.M.), my father's disease came up. For the last one month, he suffered a disturbance in his stomach.

so, this is a picture of our stomach anatomy. the liquid -the gastric acid- was kind of unstable and increasing, causing a choke towards my father respiration. If my father does anything wrong, this one occurs.

I was surfing something on the internet until my mother -who seemed very sleepy- called me and said that my father wanted to go to the hospital immediately.
then, the three of us went to the hospital through the airport (it's night, ways closed) like crazy and made it.
the doctor did the ritual for an hour and done. my father felt better.

It's true I am a melancholic, a deep thinker, prophet-wannabe, and we pray a lot when we didn't know what to do more.

after we're home and both my parents went to their room, I sat on my sofa's arm, thinking dozens possibility of my future.

Mark 11:24 keep echoing in my head. I knew this verse since I was an eight-grader. that is five years and going.

I keep asking God, "how do I suppose to do it?"

I always believe that what happened, happens, and will happen are always the best of all possibilities.
but there are times when we can't accept the fact, we forced God to make our wish come true.
today is my turn, blurly.

proudly, my melancholic side controlled my mind. 
I was praying like a hopeful and hopeless man - I'm sure we've been through this - we sadly but faithfully say the prayer.

I mean, "please not now, God" this isn't suppose to be the right time.

yes, I'd likely to bring my Tranquil Psalms post about Father, but I think, maybe later.

enough of this sorrow, my mind would not be heavier if I am not such a thinker.

last dawn too, I seeked some prayer line from my friends on the handphone's group.
I announced that I need a lot of prayer for my father to two groups.
one group consists of my best friend, which once really supported me in my hardest time.

another group consists of my all-older senior preceptors who were the twenty missionaries to Borneo and more.

I dissapointed indeed, there's none of my best friend who seemed to interested even to hope for my father's health. I did not demand even a second of your simpathy, I just want to be heard.

next, I praise The Lord to the fullest, because I have a very blessed group of relatives.
After I announced it, storm of prayer came upon the text and I knew, they are not the type of guy who just easily write "get well soon" without doing other more.
They prayed for my father, they called me by personal, asking about my father condition, and keep supporting me, personally, and specially.

at the hospital, I saw an oxygen tube under my father's bed. I said that we have to paid for the oxygen in any medication and that's unfinancially awful. 
this morning, just when I woke up, one of my preceptor called me and asked if my father needs any oxygen tube, I don't have to buy it, she will gladly deliver the one she has to my home.

from the other uncountable miracles I ever realized, I proudly brought this one to you offendgeek-ers.

I don't ask more than prayer, yet they give me bags of spiritual and material support.

I recalled a Spiderman-2 event, when the Spiderman was fainted, and Doc Ock was craving to kill him. Yet, the train passengers, one by one, blocked him and said "if you want to get him, you have to through me first" yes, this feeling, is exactly the same.

I recalled once more about one of my preceptor, who asked me to join the trip to Borneo.
Before she invited me, she prayed for me.
I surprised when she told me she did.

I mean, you never know who prayed for you these time.
do you know who is praying for you today?
do you know who am I -or every other else- praying for?

Psalms 37:1, my mother told me this verse when I was a kid and I often had a fight with a godly annoying ugly girl. LOL

Psalms 37:1 "FRET NOT yourself because of evildoers, neither be envious against those who work unrighteousness (that which is not upright or in right standing with God)." - English Amplified Bible


Mazmur 37:1 "Dari Daud. Jangan marah karena orang yang berbuat jahat, jangan iri hati kepada orang yang berbuat curang;" - Alkitab Bahasa Indonesia Terjemahan Baru

I believe, a prayer has an enourmous power, and a worship is double of a prayer, and a blessing prayer for those who hated you has triple of the power.

back to Mark 11:24,
as a human and despite my limit to understand God's words, I'm glad I'm confused, it makes me to always depend on Him.

this afternoon, we are going to the hospital for a check-up. I pray for nothing worse upcoming.

lastly, I say thank You and thank you my beloved friends who prayed 'silently' for me and my family. 
I personally and humbly prefer a silent untold prayer. Everybody needs that.

because when you are publicly said "get well soon bro, I pray for you :( ",
 it means you are ready to be demanded for a prayer anytime and anywhere.
 this noble heart, is nowhere to be found.

this is His message to us, teenagers these day.

one more thing, I will be very excited if somebody would share his/her opinion about Mark 11:24 meaning. 
click here for the Mark 11:24 complete segment in the Holy Bible.

thank you for praying, thank you for reading,
upcoming -I promise- my blog+vlog journal of the service to Borneo.

why remain steady if spreading a blessing is as easy as clicking?

God Bless :DDD
"let us not pray for the best we think it should be, let us pray for the best it should be, the God way it should be."

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